In addition to implementing the 12-year compulsory education curriculums instituted by the Ministry of Education, our school has designed the "Language and Culture" course, which incorporates thematic research into Taiwan's history, geography, economy, transportation, and industry, educating students about our motherland as well as cultivating research skills. Hence, this project extends our school's spirit of diversified learning and follows research methods taught by these programs. With the assistance of technology and hands-on operation, we were able to execute our research and complete this project.

Our Plans



Project Topic Selection

On-site Investigation and Interview

Data Collection and Research

Analysis and Conclusion

A considerable part of our research was integrated with learning objectives and features from Taiwan's 12-year compulsory education. We took inspiration from the subjects such as language arts, social studies, arts and humanities, and science and technology to complete the steps listed above.

Sublime Text was used to create animations and other functions; Eclipse HTML was used to design the layout; Adobe Photoshop was used to edit images and backgrounds; Adobe Illustrator was used to render icons; Adobe Muse was used to preview the website.

Applications We Used | Website

The open source LimeSurvey was installed on the CentOS server, and Apache2 was used as the web server. The questionnaire system database MYSQL was installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 while uses IIS Server and PHP7. A CentOS simulator was later set up to provide traffic distribution on Proxmox.


Applications We Used | Survey





Sublime Text

Photoshop CC

Website functions, special effects

Editting images

Eclipse HTML


Website layout and merging

Testing browser compatibility


Internet Explorer

Survey database

Testing browser compatibility


Survey website


Testing browser compatibility

IIS Server 8

Survey database server


Testing browser compatibility


Survey server

Google Drive

Online collaboration



Survey system

Linux platform

Muse CC 2018


Website preview, layout inspection

Windows platform

illustrator CC

icon illustration


Mac platform








Website functions, special effects

Taking Photos


Pen recorder

Contacting the interviewee and teammates, taking photos

Recording interview

Laptops (10)


Producing content, website making

Printing crucial information

Servers (3)

Questionnaire, website, database, FTP server


Website making, editing images and videos

Video camera

NAS Server

Recording videos

Data storage, transmitting information


In order to acquire firsthand knowledge of the enterprise, we visited the O'right headquarters in Taoyuan and interviewed Mr. Hsieh, the vice president of O'right. In a presentation, Mr. Hsieh introduced us to the company's philosophies and ideals, the efforts taken by the company to fulfill these ideals, and the results achieved by these efforts. We were inspired by the company's designs, innovations, and technology, each of which Mr. Hsieh gave a detailed description during the tour of the headquarters. We later created our website, which detailed the knowledge of our visit and interview; and a questionnaire, which investigated people's preferences in brand selection, environmental awareness, and understanding of O'right, and received close to two hundred responses. We hope viewers would find inspiration and incentive to protect the environment in our website, and learn about O'right from our questionnaire.

Ambassadors of our Project

Just as O'right inspired us by introducing the infinite ways we could help protect the environment, we aim to raise awareness and inspire more people to take action, as well as commending this Taiwanese enterprise and its works to the world. This we have in part accomplished through promulgating our website and questionnaire to the people around us, including our family and relatives, acquaintances on social media, and students and teachers of our school. We hope our efforts will alert the public to the changing environment and motivate them to join O'right's cause.

The Impact of Our Project

Taiwan is a country located in Southeast Asia, an island with an approximate area of 36,000 square kilometers. Housing a variety of ecosystems in diverse climates, Taiwan is home to numerous species of plants and animals, with six national parks and twelve national scenic areas. Taiwanese culture is a blend of Han Chinese and Taiwanese aborigines, as well as influence from Japanese and American cultures. With advanced technological developments, today’s Taiwan is a part of the global village, striving to make connections with more parts of the world.

Description of Our Community


During the contest, the team learned about Intellectual Property rights. All of the content, including word and picture references, are managed and protected by Intellectual Property rights. Any picture, video, survey included in our research is authorized by O'right. Without permission, information presented in our research is not allowed to be publicized or used for commercial purposes.

Project Narrative

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